Why this Cottonwood brewery is a must

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Cottonwood is all about the wine. As you walk down the historic Main Street, wineries, tasting rooms, and souvenir shops selling anything grape-painted fill both sides of the road.

And while Cottonwood is a fantastic place for wine lovers, there is one place in town that argues for giving up your wineglass and a pint.

Known by locals as the ‘Green Corner Church’, the historic building that houses the Belfry Wood Fired Grill & Brewery was built in 1928.

It functioned like the Verde Baptist congregation, according to the Belfry website. The chapel steeple rang across the valley until the congregation moved in the 1950s. The tower was removed when the building became a Buick-GMC dealership. There was a showroom for new cars on the lower level and a gas station and garage were added later.

After a series of other uses, the Belfry Brewery moved in and began construction in the fall of 2019. They rebuilt the steeple and the garage ended up being the perfect home for brewing equipment.

Although the pews have been swapped for dining tables, the grandeur of the original building remains at the Brew Pub, which opened to the public on October 1, 2020.

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Choose your own adventure at the Belfry brewery

Now, guests can enter through the heavy front door, climb a few steps, and emerge into the ornament, almost medieval lookdining room Take a seat by the bar or at a table under one of the sparkling chandeliers hanging from the exposed beams of the ceiling.

Chandeliers hang in the main dining room of the Belfry brasserie.

Downstairs, the dark and cool lower level dining room has been modernized with on-screen TV menus displaying the latest brasserie offerings.

For those taking a day trip with their dogs, Belfry has several dog-friendly outdoor terraces, one of which offers a turf floor and lawn games.

The experience varies depending on the dining room, meaning there is an ambiance for everyone. The only consistent item, good no matter where you sit down, is the menu.

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What is on the menu?

The Belfry has a rotating beer list of chilled beers, as well as cocktails, wine, and an upscale pub menu.

The main draw are the beers, created by head brewer Ross Perz. Batty Blonde and Sour Sinner Papaya Sour are popular summer thirst quenches, and as cooler temperatures approach, Pecan Honey Nut Brown Ale brewed with gallons of honey and aged on oak chips or Holly Cacao Chocolate Milk stout might be more seasonal choices.

A selection of beers at the Belfry brewery.

From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., the Belfry serves a menu of lunchtime sandwiches, including a southwest-inspired prime rib dip topped with sautéed jalapeños and Verde Valley Melt made with green chili and turkey. Other options include salads and burgers.

After 5 p.m., the chef turns on the wood-fired grill and serves specialties such as Atlantic salmon with chipotle cherry glaze, New York Strip with beer queso and rack of lamb with risotto. with parmesan. The dinner menu also includes pasta dishes and desserts.

A brewery worth the detour

After a day of hiking with your dog in Sedona or a weekend spent sipping wine in this grape-obsessed town, a large patio, a pint of beer, and a burger can satisfy like nothing else.

But even if you have no other reason to make the trip, the historic charm, delicious food, and flavorful beers make Belfry Brewery more than a wine show. It’s a destination worth a trip to Cottonwood.

Details: 791 N. Main St., Cottonwood. 928-239-4595, befrybrewery.com.

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