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Who is responsible for the increase in food prices in supermarkets? | Additional news

By on August 6, 2021 0

CONSUMERS can expect food prices to rise continuously over the next five months, according to former president of the Trinidad and Tobago Supermarket Association Balliram Maharaj.

Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday, Maharaj said the prices of canned food and petroleum have risen over the past six months, and this is attributed to the shipping agents asking for payment of the fees. freight and terminal handling in US dollars.

“While some accepted TT dollars over the past week, all are asking for payments to be made in US currency. Another factor is that the freight rate has also increased from China to US $ 12,000, so neither the government nor the Supermarket Association can be blamed for the price increase, ”lamented Maharaj.

The businessman said that another problem plaguing the supermarket industry is the shortage of empty containers, which is a problem globally.

Maharaj explained that some of the reasons given for the increase in supermarkets are that soybeans have a low harvest, canned corned beef has increased by 36%, oxtails have increased by 75%, while peas have increased by 36%. Angole sec increased by 20%.

Another issue is that major ports are still operating under Covid-19 restrictions and containers are delayed for long periods of time.

He noted that China also sources food for its more than one billion citizens, which is also causing a food shortage in the world.

The businessman said he did not expect the global problem to improve anytime soon.

L’Express contacted Trade and Industry Minister Paula Gopee-Scoon, who briefly said she had had discussions with the former SATT chairman and would continue to dialogue on the issue.

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