Where to eat and drink in Hillsboro, Oregon

By on April 4, 2022 0

Orenco Woods Nature Park in Hillsboro.

Yanqiang Dai/Shutterstock

When Portlanders ask where all the great Mexican and Indian food is, they’re often directed to Hillsboro, the city’s western suburb. There’s some truth to that, given that Hillsboro’s population is roughly a quarter latinx, and the city is home to a high concentration of Indian markets and restaurants. However, Hillsboro is also home to outstanding Lebanese, Japanese, Central American, and Vietnamese restaurants, as well as old-school eateries, delis, and taverns. And of course, the city is full of intercultural creativity, ranging from Mexican sushi for Indian pizza.

Like much of the Westside, Hillsboro became a place where Portland’s established shopping carts and restaurants sprang up. Mirisata, Top Burmese and 808 Grinds have already settled in, while The Sudra, Sizzle Pie and more are on the way. That said, this map focuses on businesses exclusive to Hillsboro. For more West Side representation, see our map of Beaverton.

Note: Health experts consider eating out to be a high-risk activity for unvaccinated people; this may pose a risk to vaccinees, especially in areas with high COVID transmission.

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To note: The restaurants on this map are listed geographically.