UPDATE: Fire at Dory

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Shelter Island Fire Department Deputy Chief Anthony Reiter said a call arrived at 6:13 p.m. on Monday for a fire at the Dory on Bridge Street. A meeting of the fire marshals at the Heights Fire Hall had just ended when the call arrived.

Firefighters responded within five minutes of the call and back-up was requested from the Greenport Fire Department, who dispatched 10 to 12 firefighters.

It was only a question of “shooting him down,” said Chief Reiter.

No serious injuries were reported. “There was no one inside” the bar / restaurant, the chef said. Three firefighters suffered excessive heat, not only from the blaze inside and on the roof, but from the early evening heat.

The fire started in the kitchen, the chef reported, in a compressor of an ice maker and quickly spread to the ceiling of the old building and directly to the roof.

The building is still standing, but looking at the structure it was evident that there was severe water damage in addition to the fire, with water all around the facade of the building.

The fire department’s quick response and expert work likely saved several businesses along Bridge Street.

Firefighters outside the Dory. (Credit: Julie Lane)
Bridge Street firefighters. (Credit: Julie Lane)

Below is the original message from Reporters.

A fire broke out at the Dory on Bridge Street late afternoon today.

Volunteers from the fire department responded and bar / restaurant owner Jack Kiffer said there were no injuries and the fire was out. According to preliminary information, Mr Kiffer said the fire started in the ceiling.

There had been a meeting at the Heights Fire Hall when the call came in, so volunteers were quickly dispatched down the hill to fight the blaze.

Mr Kiffer, who took over the Bridge Street Waterhole in 2004, is the fifth owner of the place, which was built in 1925.

The rapporteur will provide more information when received.


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