Rising food prices are getting terrible

By on August 7, 2021 0

The economic appeal of staple foods is quickly fading. Food in Pakistan is more expensive today than in the past. Food is the necessity of life and citizens work hard for it. Every living being consumes to form energy and this energy is used in work. Just imagine that your prospect dish and the necessary ingredients are ridiculously expensive.

“These are the most difficult days for shopping. Higher price tags are incomprehensible. The price of all foods increased, such as vegetables, fruits, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, eggs, sugar, rice and flour, edible oil, lentils, chicken and other meats, etc. », Explains Sehris Zaidi.

“A trip to the grocery store has become more of a budget burner these days. Food prices have skyrocketed. However, this is not just a natural economic change. The price hikes are here to stay and the statistics make us nervous, ”adds Sehrish.

“Both types of food, take-out from restaurants and food purchased from grocery stores have become a luxury. Locals see constant pressure on food prices in the near future. Are food prices a symptom of an underlying economic crisis? Nobody knows, ”says Samar Ali.

“The state of the economy and the corrective measures taken to address it are what afflicted the common man the most, as it had the most direct and damaging impact on them,” Samar adds.

The devaluation of the rupee in a brutal and belligerent style results in a cap on input costs leading to record price increases. Family units can cut expenses, tighten their belts, but when it comes to the essentials, major food items, for example, there is not much to do, ”says Hasan Abbas.

“Part of the price increase is due to the seasonal effect and part is due to a supply channel problem. Nevertheless, a serious food accessibility problem has now set in. The government has made an effort to provide some relief by placing price controls on the markets, but this effort cannot deliver the aid the locals are really looking for because of the hoarders and profiteers, ”added Hasan.

“The government must also crack down on hoarders who are looking to make a quick buck. But he must do more to organize the relief, because the maximum of these problems for the common man is the end result of the indifferent attitude of the municipal administration which created price increases causing suffering for the people ” , explains Nuzhat Hussain.

The city administration simply asking officials to apply government prices is not enough. The problem is that no immediate solution to the food price hikes is visible. Until the city administration wakes up, unfortunately, citizens have to continue to trudge up, emptying their pockets along the way.

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