Restaurant review: Lancaster’s in Ocean Springs Mississippi

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Julien brunt

Special for Sun Herald

You may remember Lancaster’s when it was located on Washington Avenue in Ocean Springs.

They caused a stir with their signature Sassy Salads, but almost a year ago they moved to Boulevard Bienville. Salads are always a hit, but the vibe is completely different.

The benches and chairs are bright red, yellow, and green, the ceiling is blue, and everything looks homey and cozy.

There have also been menu changes, and Lancaster’s is even more popular than ever, so if you visit during the lunch or dinner rush, it will be very busy. But busy is a good sign, right?

I love this menu’s rather unusual mix of healthy salads and special blue dishes, and I’m the blue-plate type. The specials are classics, like burger steak and fried chicken, so I was surprised to learn that the bestseller on the menu is a salad.

Who would go for a salad when a chicken fried steak is on the menu? Well when the salad is made with boiled shrimp, Cajun crayfish, giant crab on a bed of romaine, lettuce, tomatoes, Colby jack cheese, red onions, avocado, hard boiled eggs and croutons, like the Sassy salad, then that makes sense.

It’s a gorgeous salad and worth every penny of $ 21.99 for the full serving.

For starters, there are over a dozen choices, like fries, stuffed crab, fried okra, and hushpuppies. There are 16 salads to choose from, and they’re as diverse as a basic shrimp salad to spinach cranberry salad.

If you fancy a wrap, you can choose between fried or grilled chicken, smoked turkey, grilled chicken Caesar or seafood wrap. For dinner parties, which are also all classics, there is choices like country fried steak, chicken and waffles.

There are also a ton of burgers and sandwiches, 18 in total on the menu. You can make your own burger or choose one of Lancaster’s unique sandwiches. Lancaster’s club seems like a good choice, filled with Black Forest ham, smoked turkey, bacon, tomato, mayonnaise on sourdough bread.

The daily specials are solid, and one of the recent changes that is pretty cool, the daily special is now available every day. My favorite, the Wednesday Chicken Pie, is the only exception. It takes a while to prepare, so if it’s not the dish of the day, order it in advance.

The other specialties are steak or fried chicken in the country on Monday, meatloaf on Tuesday, steak hamburger on Thursday, fish of the day on Friday.

Lancaster’s also has a superb Giant Crab Salad, which also comes as a wrap, a side dish of the day (when I visited it was black-eyed peas), and Thursdays and Fridays, from 4 p.m. , crab legs are available.

Another new addition to this large menu is the homemade breakfast.

If you haven’t tried Lancaster’s new location give it a try, I think you’re going to be impressed.

by Lancaster

Location: 1409 Bienville Boulevard, Ocean Springs

Hours: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, closed Sunday

Phone. : 228-447-4050

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