Restaurant owner denounces ‘immature’ couple who left their dog a star

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HUIS owner in Portsmouth, Hampshire remained furious after a pair of guests took to Tripadvisor to leave a scathing review from their pet dog’s perspective

The restaurateur is “fed up” with anonymous “lagging” critics

Review sites like Tripadvisor can be a useful tool for people interested in discovering a new place – but while properly written reviews can help separate the good from the bad, the ability to post anonymously can sometimes lead to mistakes. unfair assessments.

Simon Docker, the owner of HUIS in Portsmouth, Hampshire, recently found out the hard way that not everyone takes review sites seriously after a couple who visited their restaurant chose to leave a scathing review of ‘a star from their dog’s point of view.

The couple were asked to remove their dog from the sofa in the restaurant’s first spot in the front window, and they took to Tripadvisor the next morning to express their anger in the form of a rant purporting to be written by their pet .

The baffling review, titled “Not a happy puppy, a paw service,” saw the couple demand that the dog have the same privileges as humans, before announcing: “Although I am a dog to some, I am. a customer for you. “

The couple were outraged when their review ended up on Facebook

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Disgruntled restaurateur Simon was on vacation at the time and has since called the couple “immature” for their actions.

He said: “We will take negative comments into account, but asking a dog to review the restaurant, written by the owner, is just weird.

“When I saw it, I was just baffled. Even though I love dogs, we won’t give one of its own table. It’s immature that they hid behind the appearance of their own. dog.”

Simon posted the review on Facebook to poke fun at the situation, which outraged the couple.

He added: “We put the review on Facebook to say that we welcome dogs but can’t give them a table, in a light way. This was not to intimidate the poster.

Simon says criticism of joke is damaging as business tries to get back on its feet

Simon says the review was “malicious” and “confusing”

“The woman called the restaurant about 10 times asking us to remove the Facebook post, but they were the ones who posted the review in the first place.

“It’s also not very good for their dog. He seems quite tense. I’m sure the dog is a lot more polite than the owners.

“We’ve been shut down for much of the last 12-18 months so we’re all doing our best right now to deal with very difficult circumstances and it’s really not helping.”

Like many restaurants, HUIS has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, and Simon said he couldn’t afford to lose customers to anonymous reviews, which is why he chose to make a example of the weird post.

He said: “Restaurants have been going through hell for the past 18 months and we do everything to stay open and support our staff.

“This is a totally inappropriate time to put a malicious review on it. I’m more bewildered than to find it funny.

“I want to take a stand on behalf of restaurants that get fooled by anonymous reviews and people who are trying to get something.

“We don’t need that kind of lingering sarcasm. Two more reviews like this can really cut our bottom line. We’re all fed up with these anonymous reviews, abusing good nature.”

People on Facebook also agreed that the review was bizarre, with many accusing the posters of being “obnoxious.”

One of them wrote: “The dog is very intelligent. Being able to write an as *** ty review like that. Really sad people in this city. “

And another added, “Wow, that poor dog with an owner writes obnoxious reviews like that on his behalf.”

While a third posted: “I think someone needs to check the ‘parents’. They don’t sound right.”

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