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Most expensive foods on London menus, from £ 40 appetizers to £ 310 from sushi tasters

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London has always had a reputation as one of the most luxurious cities and has a plethora of glamorous hotels and nightclubs that cater to the rich and powerful.

Many of the capital’s wealthier residents will not hesitate to spend £ 9,000 on a hotel room, so perhaps it’s no surprise that their expensive tastes translate into their appetites as well.

From Michelin-starred restaurants charging £ 40 for entrees to secret sushi restaurants with set menus of £ 310, the modus operandi of some glitzy London establishments seems to be they’ll pay what we charge.

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This of course makes an interesting (if alarming) read for most people.

These are some of the more expensive places in London and some of the more extreme items on their menus.

Marcus at Berkeley

Marcus is a legendary chef

One of Gordon Ramsay’s most decorated alumni is celebrity chef Marcus Wareing, who runs his own restaurant at the chic Knightsbridge hotel, The Berkeley.

The Michelin-starred chef has a plethora of delicious dishes on his menu, but the prices are quite unbelievable.

A quick glance at Marcus’ a la carte menu reveals a plethora of entrees that cost more than a three-course meal in other places.

Dishes include a roasted Orkney scallop, cornbread, sea lettuce and shellfish reduction for £ 36 and a dry-aged beef tartare, caramelized onion Bavarian, caviar and pickles for £ 40!

We are sure the quality will be amazing, but given the price, it better be!

Hélène Darroze at Connaught

Next, we find the Helene Darroze experience at the Connaught Hotel in Mayfair.

The restaurant is held in high regard by connoisseurs and its owners take great pride in their products, boasting that their chefs “transform your selected ingredients into original works of culinary art”.

A bold claim indeed – which is reflected in the sky-high prices.

Their Taste of Summer menu is eight courses and will set you back a flat rate of £ 175.

But if you choose dishes including caviar and Wagyu beef, you’ll see the cost of the bill go up by £ 75 and £ 95 respectively.

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The Araki has a set menu of £ 310

Sushi has always enjoyed a reputation as a fairly inexpensive meal, with chain stores like GoSushi making waves with their affordable fair.

But if you look closely enough, there will always be someone who will charge the asking price for a slice of authentic Japanese food.

Araki is based in Soho and is renowned for having only one menu, which costs £ 310 per person (drinks not included).

There is little information about what the menu actually contains other than the fact that it is “Omakase” which translates in Japanese as “The choice is yours.” “

While spending a good chunk of a month’s salary on sushi may be appealing to some, most people will scratch their heads at the cost-benefit analysis of the expensive set menu.

The Dorchester

The Dorchester Hotel
The Dorchester has international fame

The Dorchester at 53 Park Lane was criticized by foodies online this week after charging £ 16 for a single basket of bread.

The 1930s hotel, which retained its original furnishings as well as its prestige, was selling the expensive attic in its Polo Lounge, reports the Sun.

The Dorchester, owned by the Sultan of Brunei, is well known to Londoners as one of the most expensive hotels in the city, with some rooms costing over £ 9,000 for a single night.

But this week, the hotel’s rooftop Polo Lounge pop-up, named after wealthy Polo players who dined there, was criticized by angry punters online.

The comments came after foodies spotted the price of a bread loft at the venue; £ 16 for a sea salt pretzel, butter brioche and garlic and cheese baguette, depending on the menu.

Do you think any of the other London can compare to our beautiful capital?

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For the tempting price, customers would also receive Cajun Butter Cream Cheese and Chives.

Fortunately, the good folks in London quickly tore the pretentious hotel to pieces.

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