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Greek cuisine could soon be back on the menu at the Peace Plaza in Rochester

By on May 24, 2022 0

ROCHESTER – Greek cuisine returns to downtown Rochester peace square as closed Jerk King owner

moves to open a


franchise restaurant in the same space.

Signs recently went up for Opa! at 20 First Ave. SW. This is the space where Jerk King operated from 2019 until it closed during the COVID-19 pandemic and downtown construction in 2020.

Johnson Oseithe man who brought Canadian society jerk king in Rochester, is also the driving force behind Opa!. Opa! is a popular Greek restaurant chain in Canada, which recently opened a restaurant in Minnesota’s Mall of America.

The timeline of a casual style fast Opa opening! is unknown. The new Opa! restaurant is not connected to Opa! Opa! , a longtime Rochester Greek restaurant at 1106 15th Ave SE.

Toronto’s Jerk King restaurant filed a lawsuit in November, alleging construction work by the City of Rochester and the Destination medical center the initiative intentionally interfered with the business when barriers were put up during Peace Plaza renovations.

A decision is pending on the city’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit, which was heard by Third Judicial District Court Judge Christina Stevens on March 1.

Acropolis propertiesdirected by Georges Psomas and a partner, owns the restaurant space as well as the storefront rented by a doll up clothing store around the corner.

“We are really excited to add another business – which is neither a bank nor an office – to give something back to the city and the people who visit. Mayo Clinic“, said Psomas. “We are always looking for a good small business.

Psomas was the second generation owner of Mac’s cafe and restaurant, who has cooked up Greek-American cuisine in the Opa!/Jerk King space for over 60 years. It closed in 2017 and the restaurant remained dark until Jerk King opened.

While Opa! and Primp occupy two of the prominent locations owned by Acropolis, a third space last occupied by The Luxe Beauty Bar is now available for a new tenant, according to Psomas.

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