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EatBeat: Vinyl Taco has a slew of menu items to offer

By on September 13, 2021 0

For me, a Labor Day stopover was a pleasant enlightenment. I was with my daughter Gail Hagerty (GH) from Bismarck. She has been familiar with a similar Vinyl Taco during her visits to Fargo.

So we walked past the bar window and chose a small cabin from among those surrounding the bar. The cabins are small and pleasant for two. Small tables along the windows at the front of the bar give a gazebo over the passing stage.

My choice fell on a Gringo Taco. It was crispy and flavorful with a fresh appeal. The same goes for the vegetarian taco that GH chose.

Our waiter told us that the most popular menu item is the Crispy Chicken Mango Taco. And also the chicken version with lime and coriander.

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The crisps, made in the house, we agreed that they are really good. Crunchy and light. And we enjoyed the queso for soaking. Some customers eat two or three. And I’m sure on a fine, clear day I could do the same.

The card at Vinyl Taco is in the form of a large black disc in a slightly flexible material. It lists appetizers, soup and salads, chimichangas, supreme smothered burrito combinations, enchiladas, and specialty bowls. Dining out in September is inviting with the plethora of special events scheduled around Grand Forks and the region.

There are good reasons to hang out at Vinyl Taco over fried Mexican ice cream and chimichanga cheesecake. I would settle for ice cream drizzled with chili infused honey. Some may choose ice cream and chimichanga cheesecake rolled in cinnamon sugar, drizzled with chili infused honey.

Punjab House

We ate and talked about eating. This led to another stop at the House of Punjab which opened this summer among restaurants in the south of the city.

Although the House of Punjab has been sought after by diners in the area, the restaurant struggles to find enough help. There was a waiter who was skillfully working on almost all of the booths when we pulled up.

The restaurant offers Northwest Indian cuisine. It contains a mixture of spices and ingredients that make the most famous foods in India. We enjoyed the Aloo Gobi which includes fresh cauliflower and potatoes.

The restaurant offers breads available in all flavors baked in its tandoor oven.

Contact Marilyn Hagerty at [email protected] or by phone at 701-772-1055.


Vinyl tacos

1970 S. Columbia Road

Suite 101

Hours: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday to Thursday with closing at midnight Friday, Saturday. Close on Sunday

Owner-manager: Darin Hager

99 seats in two areas to accommodate those under 21 who wish to be seated away from the bar service or make take out orders

Report card: A bright and pleasant place that welcomes you to South Columbia Road. Vinyl Taco offers a series of menu items, including a popular mango and crispy chicken taco. The chicken taco with cilantro and lime is also popular.

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