Dog Haus Biergarten now open

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Dog Haus Biergarten is now open in the downtown area of Silver Spring, after an easy opening, but only for delivery and take-out

We had reported lastweek that the Dog Haus Restaurant situated in the old Lebanese Tavern house located located at 933 Ellsworth Drive development, have an opening date set for December 15, as per the Google listing of the location’s point of sale.The restaurant opened for take-out and deliveries for staff training however, it was operational on the Friday of the 10th of December an Dog Haus employee says this morning.

The restaurant’s hours of operation are from 8a.m. until 11p.m. from Sunday until Wednesday, and from 8a.m. until 2a.m. from Thursday until Sunday. The Happy Hour is available during the hours of 3p.m. until 7p.m. Monday until Thursday, and 10:30p.m. to closing time on Friday and Saturday.

Dog House first opened its doors at the end of 2010 located in Pasadena, and was first franchised in 2013.Today there are more than thirty-five locations are operating, with additional “coming shortly” along with above 130 places being sold to be franchiseat 933 Ellsworth Drive in theDowntown Silver Springdevelopment, according the website Company web.

The menu includes sausages, burgers and dogs, as in herbal options that come with a range of toppings.For instance the Thai Fighter includes a spicy Thai currywurst, wild jalapenos and wild arugula and aioli with spicy basil and the Downtown dog is covered in bacon smoked and caramelized onions. It also comes with picked peppers and mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard.

The restaurant also serves breakfast items through it’s”Bad-Ass” Breakfast Burritos Ghost Kitchen.

“We are thrilled to welcome Dog House to the downtown area of Silver Spring,” Yankowski stated in an email sent addressed to The Source last March.“They are a fantastic addition to the Silver Spring region. “

Dog Haus is one of numerous upcoming and recently opened restaurants opening located in Silver Spring, including Willie T’s Seafood Shack / Be Right Burger, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, J.Hollinger, Kusshi Ko, Underground Pizza Company, Korean barbecue fire pan, Flip’d by IHOP, Miss Toya’s Creole House, and an upcoming Comma Food Hall in Ellsworth Place.

Photo by David Lay