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Check out the Dunkin ‘Donuts holiday menu for 2021

By on November 2, 2021 0

It’s November, and if you haven’t already rehearsed “All I Want For Christmas Is You”, we’re here to let you know it’s time! In a festive way, Dunkin ‘just announced its official holiday lineup for 2021, and it includes a new Signature Latte flavor, a mouth-watering hot chocolate drink, and a holiday coffee blend – all designed to capture the happiest flavors. and the most delicious of the season.

The new drinks include a signature toasted white chocolate latte, which is a creamy, white chocolate flavored beverage topped with whipped cream, a drizzle of caramel, and cinnamon sugar – and it looks good enough to feature at the top of. the list of Nice. The coffee chain is also launching a new white mocha hot chocolate, which reinvents the holiday classic by creating a creamy milk chocolate profile that goes hand in hand with hints of white chocolate. As for the new Holiday Blend Coffee, this limited edition bundle features hints of sweet molasses and dried fruit that will make everyone’s taste buds pale. Oh, and did we mention that a mid-sized vacation cafe is only $ 2? Pair these drinks with a cold winter morning and you’ll be ready for any holiday event.

Along with the new seasonal sips, there’s also a brand new Cranberry Orange Muffin and Pancake that’s popping up on the menu this year. The muffin is made with real cranberries and topped with sugar, while the pancakes feature six mini pancakes filled with maple chunks, making them as delicious as they look. Plus, because there’s no better way to round out the holiday lineup, Peppermint Mocha is also making a comeback this year. Yay!

All of the drinks mentioned above will be served in Dunkin’s new Holiday Mugs, which feature string lights, snow globes and bright green bows, and will be available at participating locations from November 3. new items and be sure to visit a store near you to try these seasonal sips now!

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