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McDonald’s Food Challenge: UK man eats entire McDonald’s Christmas menu in one sitting, shocked everyone

by on December 3, 2021 0

MENU Our network sites Home > video gallery McDonald’s Food Challenge: UK man eats entire McDonald’s Christmas menu in one sitting, shocked everyone | Viral video. The entire meal contained 9,600 calories. Posted: December 3, 2021 8:00 AM IST Through Nikhil khattar E-mail Edited by Video office E-mail For the latest news and live...

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Dine, drink and learn, new fall menus and more

by on November 26, 2021 0

Manna continues to educate diners, Park Place teaches quaffers, new restaurant dishes, seasonal menus and more new and bites from the East End “Food Seen”. Stop whining! Wine courses resume at Wines and liqueurs Park Place in East Hampton – her in-store wine classes resume Thursday, December 2nd. The tasting will focus on the...

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Seeing India’s appetite, ITC adds breakfast items to its menu

by on November 23, 2021 0

The conglomerate Cigarettes-to-hotels Ltd. has made a foray into the Indian breakfast segment with a ready-to-cook and ready-to-mix range and staples under its FMCG ‘Aashirvaad’ brand, taking a stand against multinationals Kellogg, PepsiCo and Nestle, and Indian companies MTR and Gits Food. Hemant Malik, general manager of ITC’s food business division, told ET that...

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White Castle Slider Prank turns 30, adds a spicy kick

by on November 21, 2021 0

For 30 years around Thanksgiving, White Castle shared a recipe that uses its famous sliders as an ingredient. Last year the stuffing was changed to include the herbal impossible slider. This year, the chain is spicing things up with two hot recipes. New variations are Bacon and Jalapeño Cheese Stuffing and Southwest Jalapeño Cheese...

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Where to find Dalgona candy in New York restaurants

by on November 19, 2021 0

Squid game has increased restaurant patrons’ demand for Korean childhood retro street snack so much that it looks like dalgona candy, also known as ppopgi, is here to stay. From a dalgona makgeolli to a foie gras accord, new creative interpretations have proliferated in the hands of Korean American chefs who have welcomed this...

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