Cane Rosso restaurants serve peach and hatch pizza in Fort Worth

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A “peach and cream” pizza at Cane Rosso includes homemade mozzarella, herb mascarpone, roasted hatch peppers, peaches, prosciutto and fresh basil.

What could be better in the summer than (1) fresh local peaches or (2) freshly harvested green peppers in New Mexico?

In a stroke of pizza genius, the Rosso cane restaurants combine the two.

It’s amazing that no one has thought about it before now.

Texas peaches and New Mexico peppers pair on a prosciutto and basil pizza – not exactly a native Hatch Valley dish, but certainly a smart idea.

The mozzarella cheese, herbs and mascarpone combo gives the pizza its name: “Peaches and Cream”.

Usually the fishing season thins before the start of the hatching season.

But this year, heavy rains along the Rio Grande north of El Paso brought a bumper early harvest of peppers, and several restaurants and supermarkets have launched their Hatch menus or festivals.

“It’s definitely a Texas summer pie,” Cane Rosso executive Lee Hunzinger wrote via email.

Restaurants served peach dessert pizza while imagining a savory version.

They combined the peaches with the Hatch peppers and the herb mascarpone from last year’s elote pizza. It worked.

He described the pizza as “creamy, sweet, salty and [with] a little warmth.

In addition to the Cane Rosso pepper-peach special, cousin restaurant Zoli’s Pizza features a Hatch pepperoni and basil pizza with habanero honey called “Stinger”.

(Zoli’s Meat Church’s “Holy Cow” Breast Pizza is featured this month in a Cooking Channel episode of “Food Paradise” titled “Pizza Parlor Perfection.”)

Cane Rosso, an Italian Neapolitan-style pasta and pizza restaurant, is open daily for lunch or brunch and dinner; 815 W. Magnolia Ave., Fort Worth, 817-922-9222, or 200 N. East St., Arlington, 817-533-3120,

Zoli’s Pizza, with a larger menu of crispy pizzas, pastas, and sandwiches, is open daily for lunch and dinner at 3501 Hulen St., Fort Worth, 817-402-0050;

More Hatch Chili Choices

Specials are ready for the 25th Annual Chile Hatch Festival at Blue Mesa Grill, 612 Carroll Street, Fort Worth.

Blue Mesa, a southwest-style restaurant, offers Hatch rellenos with chicken or shrimp and Hatch steak tacos, as well as Hatch brownies with cajeta.

For takeout, Blue Mesa sells Hatch takeout dinners for $ 30 or $ 55 as well as Hatch brownie casseroles for $ 7.

The annual buffet dinner celebrating all things Hatch takes place on August 19, featuring Hatch BBQ Glazed Brisket, Pork and Salmon, plus Chicken Piccata with Hatch Butter, Hatch Fish Stew, Rellenos and tacos ($ 24);

The 25th annual Central Market Hatch Chile Festival consumes over 165 tonnes of peppers in dozens of grocery items.

The hot food counter offers Hatch Chicken Rajas, Hatch tamales and Hatch sides; 4651 West Freeway, Fort Worth or 1425 E. Southlake Blvd. South Lake;

Turkey Meatloaf with Green Chili Hatch at Eatzi’s Market & Bakery. Photo to distribute

the Eatzi market and bakery locations kicked off the Hatch season, with items such as Hatch Turkey Meatloaf, Hatch Sausage Pizza, Hatch Chili Cheese, and Hatch Chicken Salad; 1540 S. University Drive, Fort Worth, 817-945-9095, or 1200 Texas 114 West, Grapevine, 817-527-4007;

Hatch chili chicken quesadilla at El Fenix ​​Mexican restaurant. Photo to distribute

The Dallas based El Fenix ​​Mexican Restaurants in Fort Worth, Arlington, Burleson and Weatherford will launch their Hatch Chili Specials on August 16, including Green Chili Hatch Chicken Enchiladas ($ 11.39), Hatch Cheese Enchiladas ($ 10.49) and a quesadilla with Hatch Chicken ($ 10.25);

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