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Buyers brace as Thanksgiving dinner will cost more this year

By on November 2, 2021 0
MARLTON, New Jersey – Shoppers will spend a bit more this year on their favorite Thanksgiving dishes due to labor shortages, transportation costs and supply chain disruptions.

“It gets boring. Every time I go shopping my bill goes up $ 30 to $ 40 from what it was before,” said Ann-Marie O’Brien, of Marlton, New Jersey.

Chris Mentzer, director of operations at Rastelli Market Fresh, said prices were up on everything. This is the situation that every grocery store grapples with. He said it wasn’t because of the actual product prices.

“Manufacturers, shipping, the supply chain are driving up the prices in every area. Everything we get, you will see an increase in shipping,” Mentzer said.

Food prices rose 3.7% in 2021 compared to a 20-year average of around 2.4% according to the American Farm Bureau Federation. For traditional turkey, buyers are advised to purchase one early.

“If you get a fresh turkey, don’t be afraid to buy one now and put it in the freezer,” Mentzer said. “Or, if you get the frozen turkey, grab it now. You’re going to see a lot of little turkeys get gobbled up really quickly, excuse the pun.”

Jaindl Farms in Lehigh County, Pa., Produces nearly 850,000 turkeys this year. The farm had to increase its costs by 10 to 12%. For buyers, that means a $ 30, 12-pound turkey will cost just over $ 33.

“Our input costs, whether it’s feed, fuel, labor costs, all of those costs are on the rise,” said owner David Jaindl.

Aside from the famous bird, buyers are also encouraged to purchase all sides and trim early. According to Mentzer, the cost of aluminum and glass is also on the rise, which also pushes up the price of these items.

“The prices keep going up, so if it’s on sale I’ll try to pick it up every week,” Ann-Marie O’Brien said.

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