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Ertuğrul ‘, two years after its end

by on August 24, 2021 0
A photo of Resurrection: Ertuğrul | Via Netflix Text size: A- A + New Delhi: Since the start of the pandemic, Benazir Fatma, 32, a former IIT-Roorkee, has lived practically in the 13th century. Through dozens of episodes spread over five seasons, Turkish fiction Resurrection: Ertuğrul – which takes place in an era of... Read More

Bob’s Burgers: 9 Best Songs Sung By Tina

by on August 22, 2021 0
Bob’s burgers has really changed adult animation, especially with the unique songs performed in each episode. These songs help the story move forward and also help viewers learn more about each character. Each main character has the opportunity to sing songs that reflect their personality and Tina is one of the characters who has... Read More