Frequent questions

Who can ask for a loan?

Mandatory requirements for the borrower.

To be able to request a mini-credit you have to be over 18 years old , reside in the United States , have a current account in a Spanish bank and an updated ID .

How can I request a mini-loan?

In case it is the first time you apply for a loan at Tavvuk :

1. Indicate the amount and term
2. Fill in the form
3. Our system will give you an answer in just 1 minute.

If you are a former customer:

You can request a loan from your USER ACCOUNT

From which cities can you request a quick loan?

You can request a loan from anywhere in the United States .

About my request

How can I know if my application is approved?

Information about the status of your request will be sent to the email address you provided and also via SMS. In any case, if we need to verify any information, we will contact you.

I do not receive the SMS with the code, what do I do?

If after filling in your application you do not receive the SMS in 5 minutes, you must click on "send a new code" in your application form, we also recommend that you check the settings of your phone. In case the problem persists, send us an email to [email protected] indicating your telephone number and the telephone operator or if you prefer, call us at 317 890 5527.

I am not receiving the email.

Check your "Spam" folder in your email, if there are no messages, send us an email to [email protected] indicating that you do not receive it.

Can I apply for a loan by phone?

No, the application is done entirely online. If you have questions or concerns, you can call 317 890 5527 and we will help you complete the application.

How long will my request take?

You will see the status of your request (whether it has been approved or rejected) about a minute after completing your request. In case we need more time to make a decision, one of our experts will contact you in the shortest time possible through the telephone number you have specified in your request. This information will also be sent to the email you provided us at the time.

Can I request € 1,300 on my first loan?

If you are a new customer, you can request the maximum amount of the Home level. Pay your loan on time and you will rise to the next levels. For any questions, call us at 317 890 5527

My application was approved, but then it was denied.

Most likely, we have not been able to contact you through the contact information details and the decision to issue the loan was annulled. We recommend that you check that your data has been filled in correctly in your application.

I cannot apply for another loan.

In case you have returned your previous loan on the scheduled date and without delay, you can request a new loan.
If you have any kind of problem and the "request a loan" button appears inactive in your account, send an email to [email protected] or call us at 317 890 5527.

How can I cancel an application?

You can cancel your request if its status is "in progress" or "unresolved", or within the first 14 days to exercise your right of withdrawal. Check our Terms and Conditions

How to stop receiving the loan?

If the money has already been transferred to your account, you will not be able to renounce it . After receiving it, you will be able to make an advance payment from your personal account in "how to repay my loan" and you will not be charged any additional interest within the following 24 hours.

Loan payment

How to pay the loan?

The fastest and easiest option to return the loan is by debit card directly in your USER AREA

You can also make the payment through bank transfer to any of these accounts:

*** Bankia ***
IBAN: ES57 2038 9238 9160 0021 0400

*** Banc Sabadell ***
IBAN: ES69 0081 0398 8100 0212 2318

*** CaixaBank ***
ES09 2100 1310 6702 0006 1062

IMPORTANT: Remember to indicate your ID, Name and Surname.

For more information, check our payment methods

Can I pay the loan in advance?

You can pay your loan at any time. In case of partial payment, interest will continue to accumulate to your initial balance. You will find the prepayment amount of your loan in your account . All possible payment methods you will find here .

How to extend the loan?

You can extend your loan up to 30 days.
To activate the service you need:
  1. Login to your account;
  2. In the "open loan" in front of the line "additional deferral of" click "Use".
  3. Choose the extension period (7, 14, 21 or 30 days), confirm your request with the SMS code and the status of your loan will change to "Pending Payment", throughout the day you must make the payment to activate the service .

Important: the loan extension is activated ONLY after your payment.

I cannot pay the loan in the indicated term

In this case the interests will be the following:
  • You must pay the interest on the outstanding principal at a rate between 0.42% and 1.00% daily.
  • For each day of delay, interest will be charged on the principal amount (1.00% per day, with a limit of 47 days).
  • To calculate the interest described, go to the section General Conditions for Contracting the Loan .
    To avoid late payment interest we recommend the use of an extension of your loan.

I transferred money to the account by mistake, how can I get it back?

You must send your full name, two contact telephone numbers, (mobile, landline) and send a copy of the scanned transfer receipt or a photo to the address [email protected] , and we will contact you to resolve the issue .

I made a payment but the money was never received.

Send your full name and the receipt of the scanned income or a photo to the address [email protected] and our specialists will contact you.

Payment by bank card does not work.

Make sure your card has access to online payment (it must be related to the 3D-secure service). Send us the errors to the email [email protected] . You can also use other payment methods that you have specified on our website.

System error when making the payment.

If an error occurs in the system when making the payment, send it to the address [email protected] and our specialists will contact you.

My account

I can't log in, I forgot my password.

Use the password recovery procedure on our website.
If you do not have access to your account, go to this link, enter your email address with which you are registered in your account and click on '' get instructions ''. Then you will receive a password on your phone, access your account with your email and enter the password received, click on '' profile settings '', '' contact details '' and change the email address. Later for your security we recommend that you change the password in '' change password '' in your Tavvuk account.

I cannot change the mobile phone on my account.

To change the phone number you must enter the SMS verification code, obtained in your account. If you no longer have access to this phone number, send the old number, the new one with your ID scanning or photo to the address [email protected]

I have not applied for a loan, but I receive calls.

If you have not applied for a loan with Tavvuk, and you receive calls from an answering machine, please send an email to [email protected] , specify the phone number with the code of your area and our experts will verify the information.

Problems with the site / page not loading in the browser.

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2. Update the browser version.
3. Run another browser (for example, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera).
4. Check if it allows you to perform javascript in your browser.