Easy loans

Of all the types of fast loans that exist, the easiest to obtain are the Tavvuk Quick Mini credits . They are considered easy loans for three reasons:

  • No need to move to an office . You can carry out all the procedures (even sign the contract) through the internet.
  • Documentation is minimal . You only need to send three common documents that most Spaniards and residents have.
  • Approval is almost instantaneous . The money will be in your account in a few minutes.

Features of easy loans

Depending on the financial institution, you can receive between 50 and 1,200 dollars. However, new applicants do not aspire to obtain more than 750. The debt grows little more than one percent a day and the repayment is made in a maximum period of one month.

Although there are a large number of fast credit companies, all of them follow a similar procedure when requesting, verifying, approving, entering and recovering the loan.

Basic conditions to apply for an easy loan

Before starting the application process, you must meet these requirements:

  • Have reached at least the age of majority. Depending on the lender, this minimum age can range between 21 and 25 years.
  • Live permanently in the United States.
  • Not be part of a database of defaulters.

Easy loan application

The process to obtain an online loan consists of five steps. These are:

1. Indicate the characteristics of the financing . Lender sites have simulators. They are very useful to know the term and the final cost of the credit (with everything and interest) before starting the application process.

2. Fill in the form . In the corresponding fields, you must enter the following information:

Identity Full name, date of birth and number of the corresponding identity document.

Labor information . Type of contract, current job, rank, experience, among other data.

Contact details . Email, phone number and address.

3. Upload the documentation . To accredit the data you have entered in the form, you must upload three different files:

Identity document . It is used by the lender to corroborate your age and your residence in Spanish territory. A photograph or digitization is accepted on both sides of your DNI or your NIE.

Proof of income . The most common of all supporting documents is the payroll receipt. But, even without this document, you can qualify for an easy loan. Now, you are expected to receive income and that it meets the following conditions:

Be constant . You must have regular money inflows, and that these are repeated month after month.

Be adequate . The loan amount must be in accordance with your ability to pay. You must be able to cover your debt in the established time.

Be demonstrable . How to prove that you have regular and sufficient income without a payroll? Perhaps you are retired, unemployed, or self-employed. In this case, a copy of your receipt for pension, unemployment benefit or your annual statement will be accepted as valid.

Bank statement . With this document, the lender can verify that you are the owner of the account.

4. Accept the contract . Once the lender has verified that you meet all the requirements, they will send you a contract to your email with all the financing conditions. If you agree with what is stated in it, you must sign it and send it back.

5. Money transfer . After receiving the signed contract, the company will proceed to deposit the corresponding amount in your bank account. In most cases, this movement takes no more than fifteen minutes, even on holidays and weekends.

Evaluation before granting an easy loan

When analyzing the profile of an applicant, lenders focus on three fundamental aspects:

Your ability to pay . The figures that appear in your proof of income should give certainty that you will be able to cover the loan amount. Therefore, after deducting the basic expenses that we all must cover, there should be a sufficient amount to make the payment of the debt. That's what lenders are trying to determine.

Your credit history . Lenders also want to know what your previous and present credits have been that you have requested or for which you have served as collateral. To do this, they consult the CIRBE database.

Your delinquency history . As you may know, debtors who have one or more months with a debt in default, are added to the Credit Checker or RAI file. If this is the case, your options to receive a credit will be seriously limited.

Ways to pay off an easy loan

The return of a credit is carried out in a single payment and includes the interest generated until the day of payment. You have three options to pay off your debt:

Transfer from your bank to the lender . You must go to your nearest bank branch to request a transfer of money from your account to that of the credit provider. You can also carry out this procedure through your online banking service.

Debit card The website of several companies has a section to pay. You just have to enter your debit card details and the amount to pay.

Cash income . If you prefer, you can go to the bank to which the company account belongs and make the corresponding deposit.

What to do if I cannot repay the easy loans?

Despite having calculated all the expenses well, an unforeseen event may occur that leaves you without enough money to cover the debt before the deadline

As soon as you detect that it will be impossible for you to pay the debt, contact the credit provider to request an extension. Depending on your needs and the lender's policies, you could receive a term extension of between 7 and 30 days. Having an extra period of time will help you recover financially.

Can I get easy loans if my name is on the Credit Checker list?

Certain entities can grant you a credit even if you are in the main delinquent file. However, you have to meet two requirements:

Amount of debt below the limit . Generally, your default should not exceed 200 dollars. However, some lenders agree to grant loans to users with a deficit of up to 2,000 dollars.

Appropriate type of debt . You should not appear in Credit Checker with pending payments on a loan or credit card. If so, your chances of receiving a mini-loan will be almost non-existent.

Learn how to identify illegitimate lenders

On the internet it is possible to find dozens of providers that operate completely legally. However, unrecognized entities have also appeared trying to extort money from unsuspecting users. How can you identify illegitimate lenders? In at least three very effective ways.

They ask you for money in advance . Doesn't it seem a bit illogical to have to pay to receive a loan? As surprising as it sounds, that's what these scammers expect you to do. Their arguments to justify this requirement are so persuasive that they manage to convince more than one. Do not fall in the trap! No duly established company will ever ask you for money to grant you a loan.

They offer to delete you from the Credit Checker database . Being part of a list of defaulters affects the possibilities of obtaining financing. One of the explanations that these phonies give to ask you for money is that they have qualified lawyers who can remove your name from the file. But remember: when something seems too good to be true, it usually is. There is only one way to remove yourself from the Credit Checker database, and it depends exclusively on you: pay the debts that led to your registration in this registry.

Your pages do not comply with security protocols . Any recognized company that offers financial products must meet the highest security standards. Protected portals feature a green padlock logo and the phrase "It's safe" on the left side of the address bar. Also, the name of their URL is preceded by the characters "https: //", which identifies these sites as the secure version of HTTP. Fortunately, most comply with this protocol, although we cannot say the same for fraudulent companies.

Why should you ask for an easy loan?

They are ideal for dealing with emergencies such as a health problem, a home repair, a car accident, and other major expenses that cannot wait. You already know, whenever you need it, you can receive an easy loan in a matter of minutes.

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