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They granted me the loan quickly and immediately credited my account. I recommend it, without a doubt, to those who need quick money.

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What are quick loans?

Quick loans are a financing modality designed to cover expenses that were not within our forecasts and an easy way to obtain quick money for small problems or unforeseen events.

A breakdown in the car, an invoice that we did not have, the purchase or repair of an appliance. These are expenses that can arrive at the worst time of the month and completely misalign our budget.

For this type of situation, a quick loan may be the best option , since it will allow you to get that money that you are so desperate for in a very simple and fast way, you just have to fill out the form to request your quick loan.

These quick credits are included within the group of personal loans . Unlike traditional loans in which it is necessary to present documentation that justifies the income and, sometimes, guarantees that guarantee the ability to repay the amounts, fast loans do not need any of these requirements . The elimination of these requirements allows for more agile operations, with a study that is carried out based on all the information to which this type of company has access, thus achieving rapid communication of the resolution and the transfer of money. This type of financial operations are intended to cover economic situations in which the need for money is urgent. Whether for a trip, a small home renovation or coverage of unexpected expenses, fast online loans are the best solution.

Why a quick loan and not a credit card?

Perhaps you are considering covering that unforeseen expense that has arisen by pulling your credit card. But it is definitely not the best option and we are going to explain why it is not the best option.

If we choose to finance this type of unforeseen expenses with a credit card, we will find an overdraft in the account and our bank will charge us important commissions and penalties at the end of the month.

In addition, if you pull your credit card every time an unforeseen event arises, you run the risk of being involved in a cycle of constant debt.

However, these quick loans or credits are thought and designed precisely to be able to face this type of specific situations in a controlled way.

You choose the amount you need and choose the return period. No fine print or nasty last-minute surprises. You know at any time how much you are going to pay and in the terms that you are going to return the money.

How much money can I get with a quick loan?

If you are a new client, you can request a quick loan of between 50 and 400 dollars . You decide exactly the amount you need and the days you want to return the amount of the quick loan.

If you are a regular customer, your quick loan can be up to 1,200 dollars.

In addition, you choose the repayment term of your loan. From 5 to 30 days and if you have previously asked us for a loan before, you can return it in 62 days.

How to apply for a quick loan at Tavvuk

Applying for a quick loan at Tavvuk is very simple. And you can do it comfortably from home or from any mobile device.

The best thing is that you can forget about paperwork forever, you don't need any.

If you are a new customer, you should start by creating an account. You will simply have to fill in an online form and provide a series of basic information:

  • DNI
  • Spanish bank account number
  • Phone number
  • Email address

When you have created your account, you can request your fast loan . If you are already a customer, you can access and request your loan directly.

  • In order to request a quick loan, you must be over 18 years old.
  • But you don't need payroll or guarantees.
  • Even if you appear on a list of defaulters as a Credit Checker, we will still value your request.
  • You will not be able to apply for two loans at the same time.

When will I be able to have the money from my fast loan?

Our credit evaluation system allows us to give you an answer in just a few minutes about the approval of your loan. In this way, you will know if your application has been approved on the same day.

Once your application has been approved, we will immediately transfer the amount of your loan to your bank account.

The period of time may vary depending on the bank, but on average the period is usually 24 hours to have the money in your account.

Advantages of Quick Credits

These are the main advantages of Tavvuk loans or credits :

  • You can immediately get between 50 and 400 dollars
  • You can request up to 1,200 dollars if you are a regular customer
  • You can save time and forget about endless paperwork
  • Request your fast loan without leaving home or from your mobile phone
  • You do not need guarantees or payroll
  • It does not matter which figures in a list of defaulters
  • You decide when to return the money within 5 to 30 days
  • 100% secure, controlled and transparent financing

Request your fast loan at Tavvuk now with total confidence!

Requirements to request loans in Tavvuk

The procedure to request a loan with Tavvuk is very simple. In most cases, these procedures are carried out on the same day, many times in a matter of minutes. The amounts that can be financed with this type of product are usually not very high amounts. The range in which these microcredits can be managed usually go from 50 dollars to 400 dollars. To be able to apply for this type of fast loan, it is necessary to be of legal age, sometimes the requirement is raised to 21 years, you must be in possession of an identity document and you must be the owner of a current account where the amount will be entered requested. The determination of the monthly fee for the refund of the amount, the interest that you will have to pay and the number of months in which it will be returned, is established at the same time the transaction is closed.

The convenience of comparing quick loans

There are many entities dedicated to providing this type of financing, so it is very convenient to compare all the online loans that are available. It is very convenient to carry out the operation with a company that offers a full guarantee. The protection of your personal data, transparency in the whole operation and a customer service with full coverage are fundamental elements to take into account. These types of operations are usually available for you to request either by phone or online. Make sure of all the conditions that you are going to sign in the operation contract and thus avoid unpleasant surprises. If you do not want to take risks, the best option is to have the services of professionals who advise you on the most convenient operation for you.

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