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Do you need financial help urgently? We give you some tips

I am looking for financial aid, how do I do it? At present there are a large number of people who are in a bad economic situation and who urgently need to get money, whether from a help, loan, credit or subsidy, to solve different problems or unforeseen events. Sometimes that small contribution of money that you make ...

How long does a transfer take?

Waiting times for bank transfers Throughout our lives we will make countless bank transfers. Those of us who have done them will have noticed that sometimes it takes little time, while others have taken a while. Have you ever wondered what are the factors that determine that a fast bank transfer is generated? You want to know…

How to reunify debts?

There are many announcements that can be seen today, by banks and credit entities, offering to reduce the monthly payment of loans through the reunification of debts. The premise on which they are based is to gather or gather everything that a specific person owes in ...

I need money

If you repeat yourself over and over again: I need money or I need money urgently, you are no exception. The urgency for monetary liquidity is common when we have many commitments and the salary does not seem to be enough. The good thing is that you have several options to obtain that capital that you need so much. In the wake of the crisis ...

List of defaulters how do you know if you are in one?

How to know if I am on a delinquent list Being on a delinquent list can have very negative consequences for individuals and companies. The best known, not being able to access a credit or a loan from entities that appear in the records of the National Association of Financial Institutions of United States (Credit Checker), ...

What is Badexcug?

A delinquency registry managed by the Experian Credit Bureau receives the name of Badexcug. This, in turn, is a company specialized in data analysis and credit issues through the digital world. This curious name responds to the initials of the Experian Closed Users Group Database. Who can check out Experian Badexcug? ...

Money advance

the advance you were looking for in a single click Has an unforeseen event caused your financial stability to falter? A breakdown at home, an accident with the car, an urgent repair… Faced with this type of situation, the lack of liquidity can make a setback that can be easily solved more complicated than necessary….

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