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From Tavvuk we want to establish a close relationship with you based on mutual trust and transparency, therefore, we want to introduce ourselves first.
Tavvuk is an international financial technology (or FinTech) company based in the United States . We have a vision; changing the financing market to make it simpler, more accessible and transparent.

Our mission is to solve your occasional short-term liquidity needs, offering you short-term, simple, fast, automated and clear solutions. To carry out our mission responsibly, we analyze all requests individually, ensuring that we offer you the best option for your specific situation. Our risk software processes different variables to be able to make, in a matter of seconds, the most appropriate and objective decision, and offer it to you in a comfortable and instantaneous way.

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Corporate values ​​that guide our work:
You have all the information regarding your loan on the web, and in the documents that we will send you later in the event that your loan application is accepted. In addition, we are at your disposal for any questions that may arise, questions, complaints or congratulations!
No paperwork
Behind the Tavvuk icon there is a whole highly qualified team working for you. Setbacks can arise that affect the established relationship, and we are here to listen to you, talk about it and get together
to an optimal solution.
We believe that closeness and trust should not act to the detriment of a serious and informed contractual relationship, in which the parties comply with the acquired commitments.
We want to help you solve your problems, not add more to your agenda. We offer you advice and solutions tailored to your needs so that you can resolve your situation quickly, comfortably, responsibly and efficiently.
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Too easy

In a few years we have been able to develop scoring methods to quickly assess the application when you need it, and thus you can obtain your credit without any effort.

The whole process to obtain your loan is very simple and requires very little time. Everything is done online, from filling in the questionnaire to receiving the requested amount directly in your bank account.

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It's fast

At Tavvuk we understand that when you need money urgently you cannot waste time in long queues at the offices, having to collect documents and having to wait a while for a decision to be made.
That's why Tavvuk when you have filled out your online application for the loan, once approved, will transfer it to you in 15 minutes. Depending
the bank you have may take 24 hours. At Tavvuk you save time and we do not require guarantees or endorsements.

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We are everywhere

With Tavvuk, you don't have to move from home to take advantage of our services. You can apply for a loan online from the largest city United States to the smallest town, your location is not important since you do it through the internet, either from your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Who we are Tavvuk is an international financial technology company that works 100% online. We help you solve your occasional money needs. Tavvuk
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9.6 / 10
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We understand our responsibility
In a perfect world there would be no need to borrow money, but the current global economic situation is far from ideal. Tavvuk is your trusted friend who is always ready to help when you need it.
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