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Can I request a loan online if I am on a list of defaulters?

The main causes that can lead a person to appear on a list of defaulters are found in the non-payment of a debt, installment or receipt. In United States, the delinquency lists of: Credit Checker, CRIBE and RAI stand out.

Is it safe to request a loan online from Tavvuk?

Are online loans safe? Many people wonder about whether it is safe or not to request a loan online through the internet. The fears are based on the possibility of suffering a cyber attack on our bank account or being deceived by the company that grants fast credit.

How it works and what is consumption or the sharing economy

When the economic crisis broke out, savings needs sharpened the ingenuity of a large number of consumers, giving rise to a new way of buying and selling goods and services aimed at their "exchange". Thus, the collaborative economy and collaborative consumption were born, Tavvuk is an expert on this subject and in this article he explains what it consists of and how we can benefit from it, having said that, I give you the word MoneyMan.

Do you know the Tavvuk loyalty program?

Join the Tavvuk bonus program You know that with Tavvuk you can earn points every time you apply for and repay a loan, value and share your experience on social networks or if you invite a friend to apply for a loan with MoneyMan.

Tavvuk launches the SuperTurbo installment loan $ 1,200 up to 4 months

New SuperTurbo loan: up to € 1200 in 4 months! Tavvuk installment loans have a new SuperTurbo level, if you reach this level, you can request up to € 1200 to be repaid within a period of up to 4 months.

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