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startup contests

10 entrepreneurial contests to launch your startup with - 2019

Today we are not going to talk about personal loans, today we are only going to explain the contests for startutps that are in United States. Starting a startup is never an easy challenge but some of the many awards and contests can always help you

fintech incubators

Do you have a startup? These are the best incubators

Every self-respecting entrepreneurial ecosystem needs the impulse of incubators and startup accelerators. Here we tell you some of the best in United States.

large family discount

Discounts for large families how much money can I save?

Today we are not going to talk about personal loans, today we want to help all the large families in United States. Still do not know the discounts for large families that you can benefit from in United States and the savings they imply for your domestic economy?

ether cryptocurrency

Ether, the other cryptocurrency

The virtual currency par excellence and the one with the most users is bitcoin, but it is not the only one. Ether is the cryptocurrency of the Ethereum blockchain platform, which is backed by experts in this decentralized technology. Do you want a quick loan to buy etherium?

social payments

What is Social Payments: the case of Facebook in United States

For some time now, more and more platforms and applications proliferate to exchange urgent money quickly and directly, overcoming annoying barriers and intermediaries.

What is "machine learning"? Examples in the FinTech sector

In these times of technological innovation, new terms appear that immediately circulate on everyone's lips. One of the most used is machine learning and in this post we are going to explain its meaning and some of the most interesting applications it has in the fintech sector.

Prepaid mobile cards vs contract

Prepaid or contract, what is the best option for my mobile? At the precise moment we make the decision to have a mobile phone, we must choose between a mobile rate based on a prepaid card or a contract card.

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