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Calculate your loan

Calculate loan is one of the first decisions we make when looking for loans online. Using a loan comparator is one of the most common options. However, on fast loan websites such as Tavvuk, you will be able to see a form on the home page in which you can calculate the interest on your mini-credit….

asnef disadvantages

5 disadvantages of being in Credit Checker when requesting a quick credit

There are many people who at some point need to apply for a quick loan, the type of loan characterized by the rapid response of the entity that offers them after their request.

banking api

What is a banking API and what is it for?

Open APIs are changing the banking industry, making it less hermetic and allowing different players in the ecosystem to share resources to create innovative services.

fintech sector

Do you want to work in a FinTech? This is the talent they demand

The new financial industry, represented by FinTech and the technological solutions of large banking entities,

IRPF declaration errors

The 10 worst errors in the income statement

If very recently we indicated all the steps and keys to present your draft of the 2016/2017 Income statement

innovative fintech

The 10 most innovative Fintech companies you should follow in 2018

More and more people are joining the trend of the digital economy, incorporating their banking into their devices.

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