What is Badexcug?

A delinquency registry managed by the Experian Credit Bureau receives the name of Badexcug. This, in turn, is a company specialized in data analysis and credit issues through the digital world. This curious name responds to the initials of the Experian Closed Users Group Database.

Who can check out Experian Badexcug?

This registry provides its services especially to banking and financial entities, insurers, telecommunications and retail. Experian Badexcug is one of the largest debtor files in the United States, in parallel to others better known as Credit Checker or RAI (Registry of Unpaid Acceptances). It collects data from 500,000 debtor entities and receives 175 million inquiries each year. On the other hand, not everyone can access it. To do so, companies have to affiliate, pay a monthly fee and, in addition, meet a series of legal requirements that legitimize their consultation.

What can be known in this file?

Once these aspects are completed, the entity in question can review whether a natural or legal person is on the list and the debtor notes associated with it, the amount that it owes, to whom it owes it and other aspects of its interest.

Is there a minimum amount to be included in it?

There is no minimum amount of debt to appear in this file. It includes defaults of very small amounts and also larger ones. However, to include someone in this registry, legal requirements must be met.

Who can make an entry in this record?

On the other hand, the company that wants to register a debtor note, in addition to respecting these legal aspects, must be affiliated with the Experian Credit Bureau and reliably demonstrate the existence of the debt in question.

What is the maximum term of permanence in Badexcug?

There is another important aspect about Badexcug which is the time that a person can spend registered in that file. If you do not pay off your debt, the maximum term is 6 years. This is allowed by the legislation on data protection in our country. Logically, if the debtor liquidates the unpaid amount before, he can request that it be deleted from the file.

How do you know if it is listed in the registry?

No consultation is required. Experian sends a notification to the people who have been included in your registry. And it also notifies in writing when its identifying elements are canceled or the interested party has been registered in the file again. In this sense, it can be said that Badexcug is one of the most operational in the United States. However, once this circumstance is known, the interested party has to wait a month to be able to access the entry in the registry. This is what the law establishes. But if you make a correct, written request to Experian, you will receive a reply in the shortest possible time.

What rights does the interested party have once registered in the file?

Inclusion in this registry does not require permission from the debtor and the same happens with the use of their data. However, it can exercise a series of individual rights with respect to the file that are included under the initials ARCO by its initials. These rights are four. Access, through which the interested party can consult the list to find out if it is there. Rectification, through which you have the possibility to modify the aspects included in the registry so that they are correct. The Cancellation, which allows you to erase your data when you have paid off your debt. And, finally, that of Opposition, through which it is empowered to demand the cancellation of its registration if it is not correct.

In this sense, Experian Badexcug is obliged to provide a free report to the interested party that includes, in addition to their own data, those of the creditor, the amount of their debt and why it was contracted, the date on which it occurred. the annotation and a contact with the creditor company to be able to correct the payment. Since the request is made, the file has a 30-day deadline to respond appropriately. Likewise, the interested party may request the deletion of the file when the registry does not comply with the procedure or the established legal requirements.

How can these rights be exercised?

To exercise these rights, the file is obliged to give the greatest possible facilities. In fact, just fill out an application form. However, the justification of the request, the facts that support it and the legal reasons that assist the interested party must be included in it. Otherwise, the registry will not be obliged to fulfill the request.

How to get out of the file?

Logically, the easiest way to get out of this registry is to pay the debt that has caused the registration in it. Once paid, it is the creditor entity that must notify the file of this circumstance so that it can proceed to erase the entry. Another possibility is to wait the 6 years that the debt can be registered. After this period, the interested party's note must be automatically deleted.

And the third and most complicated is to show that this debt is not true. There are many cases where this is so. For example, when the creditor claims payment for unsolicited services or when a business relationship has been terminated and the company continues to bill the interested party. In this circumstance, the person who has been registered in the file has to collect all the documents that justify the non-existence of the debt. Once this is done, the interested party must exercise their right of cancellation following the steps provided by the United States Data Protection Agency. You have to send the cancellation request argued and accompanied by all the documents that prove the non-existence of the debt. The best thing is to do by burofax and in duplicate: a copy to the creditor and another to the file itself. He may cancel the annotation permanently or temporarily while the legality of it is clarified.

To carry out all these steps, Badexcug has enabled various channels. One is the consumer service telephone number (91 625 89 11). However, it is better to do it through ordinary mail to section 1.188 of Alcobendas (Indianapolis), zip code 28.108. And, above all, by fax 91 625 89 14.

Finally, it must be clarified that a person can appear on more than one list of defaulters. Therefore, those who know what appears in the one in question should consult others such as Credit Checker or RAI to exercise their rights of rectification or cancellation. Those who appear in these lists will have difficulties to apply for a credit or a mortgage loan and even to contract certain services, for example telephony, Internet or insurance.

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