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Urgent money online: the best way to get it

Are you looking for urgent money?

At Tavvuk we have created a financing model designed for those occasions when you need to ask for urgent money for any unforeseen or unexpected expense. For this reason, we have set up a system that allows you to get urgent money online quickly, easily and safely. The modality described above is none other than the mini-credits you can check on this site . This form of financing allows us to obtain urgent money online without paperwork or complications, the amount of Quick Mini Tavvuk credits can range between 50 dollars and 1200 dollars (for old clients who reach the super-turbo level) and that you can get, with just make a few clicks, on our website. Depending on the amount you request, you will access a different mini - credit level, with its particular conditions. In any case, the entire process is designed with total transparency so that you know at all times the fees that you will have to pay and the repayment terms.

Ways to request urgent money available in the market

Discover what are the different options when it comes to obtaining financing

Just a few years ago, in order to access financing and get a loan , we needed to go to a bank branch, wait long queues and then fill out an immense amount of paperwork, with their respective double-sided signatures. But the process did not end there, after this, the evaluation by the risk department arrived (which took several days to analyze the request), after all this process, we knew if the credit had been granted or denied and finally it was carried out the deposit in our bank account.

Today, thanks to the revolution experienced by the FinTech sector, we can get the financing that best suits our needs in just a few minutes .

Among the market loan offer, we find:

Instant mini-credits to face unforeseen expenses

This is the form of financing that you can request on the Tavvuk website. The fast Mini-credits in 24 hours are designed to be able to face specific liquidity problems and unforeseen events. Given the urgent need for financing, this product arises, which provides us with small amounts of money (up to 1,200 dollars at the super-turbo level for former customers) for a short period of time (generally, a maximum of 30 days). This allows us to cover unexpected expenses and to be able to repay the loan when we receive our payroll. This form of credit is the fastest of those mentioned in this section.

Quick personal loans to finance our projects

They have more requirements than the previous ones, in most cases it is necessary to present some type of guarantee and the processing time of the application is usually slower. Its amount varies between € 3,000 and € 90,000. The term to return the amount is generally longer than that of mini-credits.

Payroll advances to deal with unforeseen expenses

Normally, we have the option of requesting a payroll advance in the bank where we have it domiciled. Its operation is similar to that of quick loans , although it is common for banks to require a certain seniority from the client in the entity so that they can enjoy this form of financing.

Credit cards

It is one of the best known ways to get credit. However, we must know how to handle this financing tool very well, credit cards have a reputation for encouraging consumption (because we do not have real cost control). In addition, if our bank account is on the verge of the red numbers, obtaining financing through a credit card does not seem the best option, since it is likely that we have an overdraft in our account and the bank applies high commissions and even a possible sanction.

Consumer loans

Most department stores offer us the opportunity to finance our purchases through personalized payment plans. Some launch special promotions with 0% financing for 12 months, although in general they apply interest rates of around 3%. We must understand this form of financing with caution, since it acts as a direct incentive to consumption. With a consumer loan we can finance the payment of a television, a laptop or an iPhone 6, but we will not be able to face the payment of a check-up at the eye doctor, new prescription glasses or an abnormally high electricity bill.

What companies offer urgent money?

Knowing the protagonists of the granting of urgent money

    • Financial entities : We are the number one in the urgent loan . Financial entities are known for granting quick loans of small amounts. In the case of Tavvuk from € 50 to € 300 for new customers (up to € 1200 for customers who reach the “super turbo level”). The agility and comfort in the processing of credit requests are some of the main strengths.
    • Banks : With the appearance of FinTech, some banks have tried to modernize themselves by expanding their loan offer. However, changes are taking place much slower than in FinTech financial institutions.
    • Private companies : Department stores and dealerships often offer tailored financing plans if you buy any of their products. Do not forget to analyze what interest rate applies.

The process of requesting urgent money online

As soon as you access our home page, it is highly recommended that you use our simulator. It is a graphic system with sliding bars in which you can indicate the amount you need and calculate your fee based on the allowed return period. For new clients, it is possible to request up to € 300 to be returned in a period of time ranging from 5 to 30 days.

When you find the option that best suits you, you just have to click on the button designed for your loan application. Here begins the process that, in a few minutes, will allow you to get that amount of money you need, all without any paperwork. Entering your details will take a few minutes and our system will be able to process your request almost instantly. If our answer is positive, the money will be transferred to your bank account.

The security of requesting urgent money from Tavvuk

Online mini-credits are an excellent opportunity to access financing. However, with the boom in the sector, the number of web pages that seek to take advantage of the situation and the trust of users has proliferated. For this reason, from Tavvuk we want to help you differentiate a reliable, secure website that is behind a company with all the legal requirements, from others that turn out to be authentic "smoke screens".

      • Look for companies you know: A good filter is to request financing from companies that are familiar to you and to which you have previously requested urgent money. If the experience was good, why change?
      • Analyze customer opinions: One of the best ways to know what a company is like is through what its customers say about it. On the Tavvuk website you can see what they think about us through the ekomi platform.
      • You do not have to pay money in advance: If there is a feature that allows us to identify mini-credits, it is the fact that we pay daily interest, depending on the time we have the money at our disposal. If a company asks you for money before granting you the loan , it is probably trying to take advantage of your trust.
      • Be a member of AEMIP: The Spanish Association of Microloans establishes a series of guarantees and quality filters that protect consumers. The associated firms have a quality seal that allows us to differentiate which are the best companies in the sector. Do you know who has the AEMIP trust seal? Tavvuk!

From the moment you access the Tavvuk website you can see a series of security badges, in the upper area of ​​your screen, in the browser, you will see a green padlock followed by https: // that indicate that you are browsing a secure website. At the bottom of the website, you can find some of the quality seals (including the AEMIP one) and guarantees that we have

What people request urgent money?

Most people who apply forpersonal loans through the internet have a job with which they can meet the main expenses (rent, electricity, water, clothes, food ...), but nevertheless they find difficulties when it comes to meeting expenses unforeseen. For this reason, requesting a quick loan allows them to make ends meet and return the amount when the payroll is entered.

What levels are there when applying for an urgent loan at Tavvuk?

Initial level: For new clients, it is possible to request urgent money from € 50 to € 300 within a period of 5 to 30 days.

Take-off level: If the first loan went well and you want to repeat the experience with Tavvuk, we reward your trust and give you the possibility of requesting a loan of up to € 500 in a period of 5 to 30 days.

Promotion level: If you are a regular Tavvuk customer and have always met your payment obligations, at this level you can request up to € 700 to be returned within 5 to 30 days.

Turbo: Whenever you request a quick loan, you do it with Tavvuk, you return the amount in the correct terms and your behavior as a client is exemplary, in that case, you can request up to € 900 in a period of 1 to 3 months.

SuperTurbo: For the most privileged clients, we reach the "vip" level where it is possible to request an urgent loan of up to € 1,200 in a period of 1 to 4 months.

What information do I have to enter to make my request?

As we mentioned before, the process of requesting urgent money online is really simple. There are very few data required to be able to access one of these personal loans , among them, the essential information is your DNI / NIE, your bank account number located in a Spanish financial institution (it will be where we pay you) , your mobile phone number where you will receive a confirmation SMS and your email address, where you can also receive the notification when you make the request for the quick loan . You do not need to provide any type of endorsement such as payroll or property deeds (unlike most personal loans ).

How many urgent loans can I request at the same time?

You can only request an urgent loan , once the term ends and you return the amount , you can request another. But remember, you cannot have more than one active quick loan . You should not at any time request a micro loan to pay off the amount of another, paying one debt to another was never a solution

What are the advantages of online mini-credits?

Requesting a mini-credit online has many advantages, highlighting, for example, the fact that they allow us to obtain urgent money from anywhere and at any time with just having an internet connection. Another of the points in favor of requesting a mini-credit online is flexibility, it is the end consumer who decides the repayment term and the amount of the loan (always within the interval in which we operate), so that it is possible to request a mini-credit of € 300 for a period of 30 days . One of the advantages that deserves to be mentioned is undoubtedly that of paying interest only for the period of time that we have the money at our disposal , so that if we enjoy the amount of the mini-credit for 7 days we will pay interest for that term (as well as if we request it for another period such as 10, 12 or 21 days).

Who can ask for urgent money?

There are very few requirements that we demand for you to be a potential beneficiary of our mini-credits. It is enough that you are of legal age, have your residence and bank account in United States and can have access to a computer with an Internet connection. You also need to have at hand the mobile phone that you indicated in your registration data, as we use codes that you will receive by SMS, for greater security of operations. In any case, despite the fact that the entire process is done online, you can contact our customer service staff at the time indicated in the upper area of ​​the website, our team is always ready to answer your questions. At Tavvuk we trust our customers and, therefore, we have a bonus system with which we reward your loyalty. If you work with us and comply, you can see how the conditions of your loans improve. Requesting urgent money online has never been so easy!

Urgent money appearing in Credit Checker

If you go to any bank and request a personal loan when your name appears on a delinquency list such as Credit Checker or Rai, your application is automatically rejected (without even evaluating it). At Tavvuk we know that your name may appear due to a small debt incurred and that your financial solvency is positive , for this reason, you can request urgent money through our website even if it appears in one of these records. In a few minutes you will have an answer and you will know if your request has been approved or denied. In the event that the response is positive on our part and the Tavvuk credit evaluation system has considered your request suitable, we will proceed to transfer the money to the bank account that you indicated when making the request. The time it will take for the money to appear in your usual bank account will depend on the day you applied for the loan (generally on weekends, banks are closed and do not process transfers, so the transaction may be delayed until next Monday ).

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