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They gave me the microcredit quickly. Everything has been very simple and easy, in less than 10 minutes I have had the answer.

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The solution to request a quick microcredit

The Mini-credits with the best conditions is the most urgent way to get the cash you need, carrying out an easy and safe process. The fact of carrying out the entire procedure through the internet is a great advantage. We can request a quick micro credit without having to leave our house or from the place we want, it is enough that we have access to an internet connection. If you need to face an unexpected expense, fast micro credits are the solution to your problems.

It is likely that in your building they have made the decision to install an elevator, so you will have to pay a proportional fee for this expense. If you have been caught unexpectedly, do not worry, you can request a personal credit online on the Tavvuk website and return it when you receive the payroll money. Remember that you can have the money for a period of up to 30 days and if you are a former customer and you are at the "super turbo" level, this period is extended up to 4 months.

microcrédito rápido

Advantages of fast microcredit

If you have never needed to request a loan of 1000 dollars, you cannot know the speed with which the whole process is carried out. Speed ​​is undoubtedly one of the strengths of this type of financing. In a matter of minutes, once you make the request through the Tavvuk website, you will know if your request has been approved or denied . In this way, we can react urgently to any unforeseen event that may arise. Has your vision prescription changed and do you need new glasses? Has your car broken down and do you need to repair it? Microcredits without online payroll are the solution to your specific liquidity problems. In addition, you can carry out the entire process without leaving your home. Forget about paperwork, just by filling out a simple online form you can access the financing you need.

quick microcredit

Fast microcredits and installments up to € 1200

The procedure to request a quick mini-credit is only available for small amounts of money , for example, up to 1,200 dollars (for those clients who reach the “super turbo” level, for new clients the amount rises to 300 dollars), so the difficulty To return the fast microcredit is lower than that of the personal microcredits of great amount (most of this type of credits are of a minimum of 3,000 dollars) is notably reduced. We must calculate well when we can return the amount of the microcredits quickly when setting the term in the microcredit simulator in the upper area of ​​the website.

microcrédito rápido

The usefulness of microcredits

A quick online microcredit can be extremely useful when we are faced with a series of unforeseen situations that cannot be delayed for long, but must be faced as quickly as possible. For example, when the payment term for a certain receipt comes to an end, it forces us to make it effective immediately if we do not want our electricity or gas supply to be cut off, with all the problems that this entails. Or paying for a check-up at the dentist to make a filling and prevent our dental health from getting worse. As well as situations in which we must repair some of our goods urgently in order to use them, such as the screen of our mobile phone, the washing machine, the refrigerator, etc.

It is also a good time to request a quick microcredit if we realize that we are about to go into the red in our bank account and we need to face an unexpected expense, because if that happens, the bank will charge us an expensive penalty for the overdraft on account (30 or 40 dollars plus default interest).

Advantage of mini-credits over credit cards

The advantages of credit cards have often been sold from various media. However, the points in favor of fast online loans are greater than those of credit cards . In the first place, to have a credit card, we often have to pay an annual fee to the bank where we have it to be able to have it. In addition, if we want to finance an unforeseen expense of 50 dollars and we do not have money saved, if we resort to the use of a credit card, we will have to face the payment of 30 or 40 dollars of penalty for the overdraft in the account, plus late payment interest during a On the other hand, if we request a microcredit on the Tavvuk website of € 50 for a period of one month, we will have to return € 67, for which we will pay € 17 as interest. As you can see, in case you do not have savings, it is false that credit cards are better than mini-credits. Quick microcredits have more advantages and better conditions in situations like the one described above.

What do I have to do to apply for a fast microcredit on the Tavvuk website?

Once you have entered the Tavvuk website, if you are a new customer, you will have to fill out a simple online form in which you will be asked for a series of information such as your name and surname, your DNI / NIE, the number of the bank account (of a Spanish entity) where you want to receive the payment, your mobile phone and your email address, where we will send you the verification code in case your request is approved. In the event that you are a former customer and have already requested fast credits with Tavvuk in previous situations, you will simply have to access your user account and indicate the amount you need when requesting the microcredit from the website.

How many fast microcredits can I request?

You can request a microcredit of a maximum amount of 300 dollars if you are a new client or of a higher maximum amount if you are an old client. It is not possible to have more than one active urgent credit, that is, you can only request a quick Mini-Credits in 24 hours and once you meet your payment obligation and return the amount, you can make a new financing request.

How long does it take to process the application for an online microcredit?

In just a few minutes your request for financing is processed through our credit evaluation system ("credit scoring") so that in the shortest possible time you will get a response knowing if your request has been considered suitable by the system or otherwise. has been dismissed. Once you verify with the code that we will send to your mobile phone and email address, we will transfer the money to the bank account you indicated when you registered on the website.

Pay your microcredit based on the number of days that you have the money at your disposal

Fast online microcredits apply daily interest rates (nominal interest rate), so you will pay based on the number of days you have the amount of the microcredit. If you return the mini-credit before the term expires and you duly notify the Tavvuk team, you will pay only interest for the days that you have used the money. For example, if you request a fast credit for a period of 15 days and you return it in 10 days, you will pay interest for the 10 days (not for 15).

The utility is also undeniable when we have an unexpected and unavoidable expense before us, such as a breakdown, the payment of a fine, or when we run the risk that our debts include us in a record of defaulters, which will bring us far more consequences negative in the future.

The requirements and security of our microcredits

When requesting a quick microcredit , you must take into account their peculiarities and conditions. For example, the possibility of requesting them even when the client was included in the Credit Checker or RAI records, or with the need or not to have a guarantor for the money requested

On the other hand, this fast online microcredit is a safe product when it is granted by private equity financial institutions that operate in accordance with the law, following established protocols. The creation of the Spanish Association of microcredit (AEMIP) reinforces this security, offering a complete code of good practices for the protection of users.

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