Fidelazation program

Anyone who has used services can now automatically:

  • Get incentives to activate your personal account
  • Receive and accumulate bonus points
  • Use your vouchers as discounts

Find out how to get bonus points and how to use our levels to benefit from your next quick loans.

How much do you need?
When do you prefer to return it?
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How to get the bonus points?
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Repay the loan without delay
You must repay the loan without delay and be a disciplined borrower. At Tavvuk we appreciate respect and gratitude and therefore we offer a special bonus system for our best clients. Returning your loan we are willing to reward you with gifts and bonuses.
How can I spend the points earned?
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Use your vouchers to get discounts
With the bonus points you can pay the interest due on the loan, therefore obtain economic benefits from the bonds received
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Extend the loan term
You can use the bonus points to extend the term of your loan, which will help you avoid the burden of late payment interest.
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Move to a new level of loan
If you have used our services and have paid your loans on time, you can use the bonus points to move to a new loan level.
At Tavvuk we reward your loyalty
Our bonus program is open to any borrower, the registration process on the website is very simple, and the entire loan issuance is carried out remotely saving you time.
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